Why Don’t We Talk About It

“Life is only as good as the measures you take to preserve it.” This is a quote that became a mantra for Renee Fulton. Renee was a mother, daughter, sister and friend, born and raised in Washington Shores. She was also a successful Director for Quintiles Transnational. In 2000, Renee was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. For the next three years, she educated family and friends regarding the issue and the importance of early detection. She stressed the critical need to educate other African Americans about this preventable and treatable, yet devastating disease. Renee succumbed to the disease in 2003.

Peggie Burgess (Renee’s sister), Founder and Executive Director of Center for Change, Inc. choose to remember and honor the life of Renee by ensuring other African American’s in central Florida receive valuable prevention information on Colon Cancer through education and awareness. Center for Change’s mission is to provide health education and social services to individuals and families of African, Hispanic and Caribbean descent, who lack access to economic, social and health resources.
The Center has collaborated with the State of Florida, Office of Minority Health to provide the community with life saving education about prevention and early detection of colon cancer. Call today for more information.

Consider these facts:

• The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2013 about 142,820 people was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and about 50,830 people died of the disease in the US.

• African Americans have the highest rates of colon cancer.

• An estimated 16,650 cases of colon cancer are expected to occur among African Americans in 2011. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in both African American men and women.

• 90% of people diagnosed with colon cancer are 50 years and older.

There is still more worked to be done, join us in our efforts, VOLUNTEER. Contact the Center for Change, Inc, at (407) 271-4452 or visit the center which is located at 2817 Belco Drive, Suite 9, Orlando, Florida, 32808.

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